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Traci Medeiros-Bagan, Director (She/They)

CA Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #86600

Yoga Alliance Certified RYT 200


First and foremost, I’m grateful to be a member of this budding community! I also hold the title of Co-Director which includes a little paperwork and lots of dream manifesting. Last but certainly not least, I’ll be seeing a limited number of clients through Gather and Grow, training our therapists and creating educational content to share.


I completed my BA in Critical Gender Studies with a Focus in Sexuality at UC San Diego and my MA in Counseling Psychology at Argosy University. My traineeship hours combined work at the Orange County LGBT Center and in a private practice. I’ve had a solo private practice in Orange County since 2015.


Working at the intersections of vulnerable communities I have found myself working with a lot of folks around journeys of complex trauma. I don’t assert that I have all the answers. Rather, I’d like to think of my work as a gentle reminder that we all have the innate ability to heal and are fully deserving of this healing.

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I love being a therapist, but being a therapist in private practice can end up being solitary work. I have been really fortunate to be a part of several amazing communities over the course of my life. These fortunate experiences have led me to believe that there is no better healing vehicle and goal than to gather and grow with one another. Gather and Grow OC isn’t just a group practice or a business, it’s an intentional safe space and community, one for which I am beyond excited to help plant the seeds!

*my caseload is currently full but please reach out! I’d love to help you get scheduled with someone else in the practice that is a good fit!

A Letter From Traci

Jacqueline spoke to all the work we’ve been doing these past few months in her post, Planting Roots. And, I whole-heartedly echo all of her sentiments! In fact, I teared up a bit reading her post when I was getting it up on the website. Gather and Grow OC really has been a long time coming and we’re so excited to be able to open our doors to the Fullerton community!

And, it’s also true, opening the new space has kept us very (very, very, very) busy!

While overwhelming at moments, we’ve enjoyed every minute of it and are so grateful that it’s our work to do! Still, it got me thinking about how easy it is to put off our self-care in order to, “get things done.” This might help us knock off things on our to do list but it doesn’t do much for the sustainability of our spirits.

So much of the mental health care world is wrapped up in this unsustainable cycle. Over worked and burned out clinicians doing their best to serve clients but literally running out of steam. Social media never being short of memes reminding us to breathe deep (heck, we’ve posted a couple of those) and strive for those “good vibes” while social networks continue perpetuating the idea that we have to “keep up” with the perfection of those soft filtered images. As long as everything “in frame” is put together, who cares if the rest of your world is falling apart just outside your viewfinder? Simultaneously, the internet is vicious with its amusement when someone posts a picture of themselves in a glamorous gown in front of a mirror confessing a room (and the assumption is life) in disarray. If I was full glam everyday, my room would probably look like that too! Sometimes it seems like there’s just no winning!

We want Gather and Grow OC to be a different experience! For you, for our clinicians, even for us! We want to make sure that sustainability is something we build into the foundations of this practice. So as we “plant roots” we’re also making sure that we’re “getting grounded.” We’re creating office protocols and policies that support the well being of our clinicians so that they offer the best services! We’re slowing down to check in one another and ourselves. We’re doing our best to practice what we preach!

So, while we will remind you here and there to “take deep breaths,” we want you to know that we’re practicing the self-care tips we’re offering and that you’re not expected to show up “instagram ready” for sessions. We want to meet you where you’re at and help you get grounded for the best healing experience possible. We want to be grounded enough to remember self-care isn’t something we’re willing to let any of us sacrifice as we gather and grow together!

We’re so excited to introduce you to our stellar team of clinicians and hope that you’ll reach out when you’re in need of support!

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You can contact Traci directly at 657) 333-2396 or traci@gatherandgrowoc.com.

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