"When we asked Mary why she wanted to be a part of Gather & Grow OC she responded enthusiastically by saying what good energy the space had when she visited. And as Mary left the interview, Jacqueline and I both agreed that we felt the exact same way about her! Mary's kind and grounded presence is such a gift to the clients that she works with and we couldn't be happier to have her as part of our team!"

-Traci Medeiros-Bagan, Director

Mary Mosier, Therapist (She/Her)

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #109948

Bilingual: Spanish & English

what is your role at Gather and Grow Oc?

I’m grateful to be a therapist with Gather and Grow, a nurturing community for therapists and clients alike, normalizing mental health conditions and creating hope in an individuals ability to grow. I am a Bilingual Spanish/English speaking Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and will be working with children, youth, couples and families. I was drawn to therapy by my innate interest in how our experiences effect our sense of self and passion in helping people grow and step out of their pain and into their light, understand their value, believe their life is worth living and deserve to be loved in spite of what they have been told. 

school and training history

I completed my BA in Communicative Disorders at California State University Fullerton and my MS in Clinical Psychology at Vanguard University. As a therapist I have been drawn to working with underserved communities (Spanish speaking, POC, at risk youth, LGBTQIA+, individuals with Autism and other Neurocognitive conditions) and providing therapy in both English and Spanish to help children, youth and their families find their voice, heal, repair relationships and eliminate the stigma of mental health treatment in Spanish speaking communities. 

individual focus

Working with both marginalized and underserved communities I have found myself being drawn to and working with individuals in active crisis and complex trauma. My specialty is working with those struggling in their darkest moments and helping them find their light as they discover their inherent ability to heal. 

I utilize Psychodynamic, Family Systems, Solution, Focused, CBT and DBT informed care. I enjoy incorporating holistic approaches to my practice such as mindfulness, meditation and essential oils (aromatherapy) as well as in my own life. I’ve learned how important it is to create life balance and practice what I teach clients which is why I believe developing self-love and actively practicing self-care is essential for healing and growth. I look forward to supporting you in finding your voice, strengthening your self-love and healing! 

what excites you about being part of the gather and grow oc community?

I absolutely love being a therapist and believe it is an honor and a privilege to support and witness your story, growth and healing. With Gather and Grow OC, I am part of a larger community of openminded, creative, intelligent, good-hearted therapists and individuals who wholeheartedly believe in creating a purposeful and open, safe space for all to gather and grow together in their journey to self-empowerment and healing.

currently scheduling clients on Thursday and Friday afternoons!


A Letter From Mary

Hi I’m Mary! I’m a bilingual Spanish/English Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and an advocate of self-love and self-empowerment. I am a warm, active safe space holder. I wholeheartedly believe we as human beings require self-love, kindness and acceptance to fully thrive and find healing!

In my practice, I support people who want to find self-love and acceptance in who they are, and in developing insight into their innate strengths but who may often feel overwhelmed by self-doubt, negative thinking, low self-worth, depression, anxiety or fear of the “what if’s or should’ves.” Through both evidenced based and holistic practices, I help clients create gentle compassion for themselves,  build awareness of how their pain affects the way in which they view themselves and the world, develop the ability and strength to both speak to and allow themselves to feel the “dark stuff,” and increase understanding of how to better manage and let go of the weight of the darkness that no longer serves them.

In my experience as a therapist, I am seasoned in working with families struggling with high conflict and  hopelessness. My specialties include extensive work in a Children’s Crisis Residential Program over the past 3 years serving children and youth  experiencing emotional disturbances, trauma, severe depression, mood instability, suicidal ideation and/or attempts. I’ve worked closely with youth and their families to develop their ability to find inner strength, safely cope, self-regulate, build trust, communicate and find connection with their family and community.

I’ve also worked as a therapist in four Santa Ana schools serving children (kindergarten through 8th grade) to build coping tools and work through trauma. I previously worked in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis for 8 years serving children, youth and families with Autism Spectrum Disorder and empowering Latinx communities to advocate for both their mental health and educational rights which is a passion of mine. 

As your therapist, I serve as a kind, grounding, collaborative support who deeply values and respects who my clients are and the strength and insight that is already within them.

I believe that being fully seen and heard with unconditional kindness and acceptance by another human is one of the most healing experiences we can all have. The opportunity to be a safe space, support and witness for my clients is a blessing and a privilege.  I look forward to being that witness for you in realizing who you are!


You can contact Mary directly at 657) 205-7335 or mary@gatherandgrowoc.com.

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