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Jacqueline Plante, Director (She/Her)

CA Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #91084

what is your role at Gather and Grow Oc?

I am the co-director of Gather and Grow OC. I am one of the lead therapists and supervisors, as well as one of the educators who creates and facilitates workshops for Gather and Grow.

school and training history

I received both my Bachelor and Master’s Degrees from Cal State Fullerton. My Master’s program put heavy emphasis on clinical training and really set the foundation for who I am as a therapist. During my time as a trainee and intern I worked at the LGBT Center in Santa Ana, the Pacific Clinics Sierra Family Center, and eventually under supervision in private practice. Having such a diverse experience in training helped me to hone my skills and learn where to focus my energy to best meet the needs of my clients.

individual focus

In my solo practice, I really gear myself towards relationship work.  Romantic, friendship, or familial, the foundation of who we are is often reflected in our experience with others, and I love working through that lens. I enjoy my work immensely, and continue to offer individual and couples therapy.

Learn more about Jacqueline’s individual practice: HERE.

what excites you about being part of the gather and grow oc community?

Gather and Grow was established when Traci and I started thinking about how we could better serve our community in a larger way. While I continue to emphasize the benefits of therapy, I also feel that the knowledge gained from my experience as a therapist is worth sharing on different platforms. Gather and Grow allows us to have a space to share new ideas via workshops, fun boot camps, or in consultation. We get to bring others to our table, and to encourage the importance of mental health in a tangible way.  

currently scheduling clients tuesday-friday!

A Letter From Jacqueline

For several months, Traci and I (the co-founders of Gather and Grow OC) worked to turn our dream into a reality. What began as a passing conversation gradually solidified into a shared vision, and we’ve been tirelessly planning to make sure that the execution was everything we wanted it to be for the community around us. The dream really took hold when we found our lovely Fullerton home, right at the corner of Chapman and Berkeley. We imagined the accessibility we would have for those who were pursuing their mental health goals, and finally see that coming to fruition. We hope that everyone who joins us in the space: for therapy, for yoga, for healing, for education, for workshops (yes, our dreams are lofty!) will feel the love that we have poured in during this process. 

As clinicians, our foremost goal was making sure that the team of therapists we brought in would value the process of therapy, and of creating a space that was safe and welcoming for all members of our community as highly as we do. We’re confident in the wonderful people that have found their way to us! You’ll be hearing from them soon as, as well as us, directly here through the Grower’s' Guide Blog. 

With many many years of experience, Traci and I now embark on this new journey, and don’t take lightly the responsibility we carry. We are graduates of Fullerton high schools and colleges, and are thrilled to be giving back to a city that has given so much to us. We know the value that Fullerton places on wellness and education, and Gather and Grow will be an extension of that value. 

However you found your way to us today, thank you for being here. We are always open to questions and consultations, and look forward to connecting. 

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You can contact Jacqueline directly at 714) 696-1175 or jacqueline@gatherandgrowoc.com.

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